• Oil pipeline Fier Albania
  • Oil pipeline Fier Albania

Oil pipeline Fier Albania

Bankers Petroleum

Construction oil pipeline in Fier


Pipeline specifications
Pipeline length: 24 km
Diameter: 6" and 12"
Wall thickness: 6 up to12 mm
Material: steel

Number of drillings significantly increased
Canadian oil producer Bankers Petroleum has won an Albanian government concession to extract oil near the city of Fier for a period of 20 years. The extracted oil used to be shipped with trucks from the production field, through Fier and on to the transhipment location in Vlore, from where oil tankers shipped it across the globe. A.Hak International, cooperating with A.Hak Drillcon, constructed a new oil pipeline from Fier to Vlore. Originally the trajectory included 5 horizontal directional drillings, but once the first drilling was completed, the customer was so enthusiastic about this method that this amount was expanded to 18 HDD’s in total, in which a river, a highway and a railroad were crossed.


  • 11 km 12" oil pipelines, including 8 HDD’s and 2 crossings.
  • 13 km 6" oil pipelines, including 10 HDD’s and 2 crossing.
  • Installation of 4 ‘pig’ receivers.

Worth mentioning

  • As the trajectory included a segment which had to be crossed with soil contaminated by a factory, A.Hak consulted the customer to circumvent this terrain using a horizontal directional drilling. Another segment of the trajectory included a highway. To prevent consequential damage and traffic nuisance, the same decision was made to carry out a HDD.
  • The 12" oil pipeline is a pre-insulated pipeline used for transporting heated oil while limiting heat loss. A.Hak has significant experience in this expertise based on the construction of district heating networks.
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    Oil pipeline Fier Albania

    A.Hak International partnered up with A.Hak Drillcon to built an oil pipeline between the Albanian places Fier and Vlore. This job required 18 HDD drillings.

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