• CEO Iain Light retires

CEO Iain Light retires

16 March 2018

CEO IAIN Light retires

Iain Light has decided to resign as CEO of A.Hak with effect from 1 April 2018. Personal reasons have made him decide to retire earlier than planned. After Iain’s departure, Remco Smit and Rob Bombeeck, the two other members of the Executive Board, will work very closely together to lead the day to day management of A.Hak. Under their leadership, A.Hak will roll out the new strategy - focus on the construction of underground infrastructure and associated above-ground facilities - at the various business units. Remco Smit will take over as CEO while continuing his work as CFO. 

Remco Smit, CEO/CFO: "The internal improvement program, which was started by Marco and Mariska van Geenhuizen and then continued by the new Executive Board under the leadership of Iain Light, has ensured a good starting position for the future of A.Hak. Our strategy has changed. We will fully focus on the construction of underground infrastructure and related above-ground facilities. In 2017 we sold a number of companies that did not belong to these core activities. As a result, we have been able to significantly improve our financial position. "

CHRO Rob Bombeeck ads: "We would liked to have benefited from Iain Light's knowledge and experience for a bit longer, but we understand and respect his decision to end his active career. We are grateful to Iain for his contribution in setting up the new strategy. Together with the management teams we will roll out this strategy at the business units."

"We will soon be strengthening the management with two new COO's, one for the infranet activities and one for the activities in the area of large pipeline projects. The new COO of A.Hak Infranet starts on Monday, March 19, 2018. In the person of Bart Dirven, former director of Heijmans Infra, we have found a highly qualified new colleague. The recruitment of the COO for the pipeline activities is at an advanced stage.” At some time after the appointment of the two new COO's, the responsibilities of the management teams will be redefined. The composition of the Executive Board will also be re-assessed.

Supervisory Board
At the same time, Marco and Mariska van Geenhuizen have decided to temporarily step down from the Supervisory Board. At the moment, the tax authorities conduct an investigation into a foreign project of A.Hak that was completed in 2009. The temporary withdrawal from the Supervisory Board applies for the remainder of this investigation. Marco and Mariska van Geenhuizen want to avoid any possible impression that they make decisions that could impede A.Hak's cooperation with the tax authorities.

Jan Willem Resink and Robert Jan Lijdsman join the Supervisory Board (SB). Including Régis Rivière, the SB thus consists of three people. The new SB members know A.Hak very well and have been associated with the company as advisors for years. Jan Willem Resink has many years of experience in the oil and gas industry, particularly in management positions at Shell and NAM. Robert Jan Lijdsman was a notary and partner at reputable agencies such as Loeff Claeys Verbeke and Allen & Overy.

  • projects

    Oil pipeline Fier Albania Oil pipeline Fier Albania

    Oil pipeline Fier Albania

    A.Hak International partnered up with A.Hak Drillcon to built an oil pipeline between the Albanian places Fier and Vlore. This job required 18 HDD drillings.

  • news

    TBM for Humber project delivered TBM for Humber project delivered

    TBM for Humber project delivered

    As part of the EPC-contract for replacement of a gas transport pipeline for National Grid (UK), the tunnel boring machine (TBM) was manufactured according to precise specifactions.

  • news

    Project film Beverwijk-Wijngaarden Project film Beverwijk-Wijngaarden

    Project film Beverwijk-Wijngaarden

    A.Hak constructed two thirds of Gasunie's gas transport pipeline between the Dutch towns of Beverwijk and Wijngaarden.

  • projects

    Heat transfer pipeline under water Heat transfer pipeline under water

    Heat transfer pipeline under water

    Several A-Hak companies have contributed to the realization of a double heat transport pipeline. The pipeline makes it possible to use waste heat from two plants in the heating of a residential area.